View our specialist damp and waterproofing solutions

Choose Wing Waterproofing for a complete offering of waterproofing, damp proofing, building preservation and remedial repair services in Greater London and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on our level of support and service and all of our designs are also backed by our professional indemnity cover.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing is our core business and our real area of expertise where we provide a specialist service for those looking for a professional installation.

The safest and most failsafe form of waterproofing is a Type C cavity drain membrane system and Wing Waterproofing works closely with Newton Waterproofing Systems as the longest established and most experienced suppliers of these systems. We are also certified Newton Specialist Basement Contractors (NSBCs) and are one of Newton’s major approved installers of basement waterproofing. This also means that we have been fully audited and trained in the correct installation, maintenance and servicing of Newton’s products.

Waterproof Tanking Systems

Where the waterproofing design calls for a ‘tanking’ membrane to waterproof walls that are liable to suffer from water penetration, our installers are trained in the specialist installation of both liquid-applied and sheet membrane products that can be applied to either the interior or exterior wall surfaces.

Such scenarios include below-ground basements, partially retained structures where there are high external ground levels, or walls that may be suffering from dampness.

Resin Injection Waterproofing

Injection resin waterproofing is suitable for application in basements, underground parking, tunnel projects, wall/floor transitions, concrete slabs, bridges, construction sites and lift pits.

In fact, any situation where a remedial repair is required to close and seal cracks and voids in structural concrete that may otherwise allow water to penetrate the structure.

Timber Preservation and Dry Rot Treatment

Our specialist timber preservation treatments are designed for use in existing buildings that are vulnerable to woodworm infestations and/or wood decay and we can target the treatments to the area that is at risk, or is most likely to suffer.

Furthermore, in damp environments or where there has been water penetration into the property, we can also undertake more comprehensive treatments to deal with wet and/or dry rot.

Basement Pump Servicing

When installing cavity drain membrane systems, we believe in the long-term servicing and maintenance of the pumping systems that form the heart of the design, pumping captured water out and away from your basement.

Our dedicated pump engineers can usually offer a same-day call out in the event of a pump alarm sounding, in order to keep your waterproofing system operating safely and effectively.

As well as basement waterproofing pumps, we can also provide a complete service to supply, install and maintain foul water pumping stations for our clients.

Deck Waterproofing

In many new-build basement projects where the footprint of the new basement extends beyond the boundaries of the above-ground structure, the exposed deck that forms the roof of the new basement will also require appropriate waterproofing.

Wing Waterproofing can design, install and guarantee waterproofing to these deck and soffit areas, all supported by our long-term waterproofing installation guarantee.

Damp Proofing

Many ground-floor and above-ground properties in the UK suffer from damp floors and/or rising damp. In such situations, Wing Waterproofing are experienced installers of damp floor treatments to prevent water affecting your internal space. This can include either an epoxy-based damp proofing treatment, or where a more comprehensive damp and waterproofing system is required, installation of the Newton System 800 cavity drain membranes to stop the damp in its tracks.

Specialist Re-plastering

Where we are installing a chemical damp proof course in order to protect your property from rising damp, we will also carry out the necessary specialist replastering internally in order to protect the decorative finishes from the potentially damaging effects of hygroscopic salts and residual dampness that may still reside within the fabric of the walls.

In instances where the installation of other products also affects the existing plastered surfaces inside a property, we can provide replastering services to return your internal space to its previous state.